About us


About us


Your no-detour cleaning service

Born from the fact that our essential routine tasks are increasingly time-consuming, the On My Way service aims to simplify your life by providing a simple, efficient, secure and professional cleaning service at home, at work or on your daily commutes.

No more extra travel or parking problems. No more having to find time.


Convenient cleaning any time

With On My Way you can register your garments to be cleaned online whenever, and choose how you prefer to be served: at home, at work or on your daily commutes by using any of our numerous Partner Drop-off/Pick-up Points. The finished garments are then delivered back to you at home or through the same or different point of collect. You get automatically notified as soon as your garments are ready to be retrieved.

On My Way offers a convenient, simple, innovative and professional service, entirely in sync with our lifestyles.


All roads lead to On My Way

The On My Way network already includes over 20 Partner Drop-off/Pick-up Points in the Lake Geneva region mainly located in service stations/shops, on motorway routes and in cities and agglomerations in the region. 

Easy access combined with extended hours (06.00 - 22.00, 7/7, 365/365) helps you reduce the number of your journeys and devote the time you save to other activities.

Our home pick-up and delivery service is available in certain areas only. Please refer to on-my-way.ch to know more.

The On My Way network is constantly growing. Visit us regularly or follow On My Way on Facebook for updates.